I was part of many projects during the last many years. Some of them succeeded and some failed. You can see a list of some of the interesting projects I worked on.

Systema Naturae

This project is for wildlife conservation and the project indexes datasets and projects related to wildlife across the world. I started this project in May 2015.


Greenopia is an Internet enabled Smart gardening kit and one of the first crowdfunded IOT startup in India. I backed this product in crowdfunding.


In 1450 Sufi monks in Yemen discovered coffee. Mokha Origin imports & markets this historic beverage, encouraging Yemen’s growth & stability. Was head of E-business and we were at the Harvard innovation lab and finalists at Harvard Presidents’ challenge 2014.


Cyberwurl Technologies in an eCommerce consultancy company specializing in web development, online marketing, content management, web analytics and data processing. I started Cyberwurl as a student when I was at VIT University during my bachelors degree.


A small startup specializing in courses for kids who are interested in the art and design. I created the online platform for them.

Sustainable Prosperity

A research wing of the University of Ottawa, I worked as a contractor to help rebuilt the content stream, websites and migrated the online assets.


Nuume envisioned the concept of Avatars in 3-dimensions and had substantial business prospects for online apparel shopping, I tested the product along with the founders.


When Infotrust was just a startup, I created training material for their clients explaining Google Analytics. Now Infotrust is one of the top Google Analytics consulting companies in the world.


One of the very first student ventures I was part of. Connecting students, academic conferences, events and projects in India.


Premium Data processing services I offered as part of Cyberwurl to some of our clients. This was more of a smart data service.