Born in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India and raised in a remote coconut farming village. Having spent a significant amount of early childhood in a farm and around small towns, experienced rural village life in post economic liberalized India. My perspective about life has evolved as I progressed into the next stage of my life going on to VIT University, Vellore to get a Bachelors in Information Technology where I started my freelance consulting practice delivering services in data processing and related services.

After coming to Canada, I graduated from University of Ottawa’s Master of E-Business program and Harvard University’s Information Management systems liberal arts program graduating with a Dean’s list and the prestigious Derek Bok Public Service prize. At Harvard, I was also in the team that finished in the finals at the President’s challenge and a resident at the Harvard Innovation lab. For my volunteering efforts using technology supporting the Millennium Development Goals, United Nations awarded the most prestigious Online Volunteer of the year award 2012. I also volunteered at the Summer Olympic games in London 2012.

Have passionately given my time and skills for the benefit of people and the community around me. Working towards goals that lead to the greater good for everyone also provide the greatest amount of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. I actively advocate for Internet access to everyone, blood & organ donation, privacy & net neutrality, micro-finance for micropreneurs in the developing world, wildlife conservation and UN’s sustainable development goals. Currently building a comprehensive Datasets/Projects platform named Systema Naturae for Wildlife conservation. I am truly blessed to have found meaning in the work I have been doing and always looking to provide a positive impact.



Master of Liberal Arts in Information Management Systems, Dean’s List Academic Achievement Award, Winner of Derek Bok Public Service Prize.

Master of Electronic Business Technologies (MEBT)

Certificate Program in Agri-Business Management (PGPABM)

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology (BTech)


Organizations I support