Some of my academic work published in peer reviewed and other academic avenues. Please see my Google Scholar profile for citations.

Taxing the Internet – Is it feasible?(7th February, 2015)

Governments across the globe are facing challenging times to generate more revenue because of the economic slowdown and to balance their budgets. The Internet as a commodity is taxed in many countries, but the Internet usage or the transactions carried out are something thats not taxed.

Is a global virtual currency with universal acceptance feasible? – Published in International Journal of Community Currency Research (18th October, 2013)

As digital goods and services become an integral part of modern day society, the demand for a standardized and ubiquitous form of digital currency increases. And it is not just about digital goods; the adoption of electronic and mobile commerce has not reached its expected level at all parts of the globe as expected.

Cookies – Invading Our Privacy for Marketing, Advertising and Security Issues (10th May, 2013)

Privacy has been a major concern for everybody over the internet. Websites use the text files called cookies in collecting data from users and using them for marketing them in advertisements networks and third party websites with the help of JavaScript and flash technologies.

Research study – Role of microfinance institutions in the development of entrepreneurs – Published in International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance (4th August, 2011)

The case study is to have its focus for entrepreneurs who want to run a business and yet can’t afford a piece of equipment and merchandise. A research whereby providing equipment or merchandise to enable the project to run a self funding profitable project. In turn, A share in the project plus getting the full costs of the asset equipment or merchandise including an interest.

Product Promotion & Consumer Retention Gap in Online Shopping – Indexed in NASA Astrophysics Data System (14th May, 2013)

As the number of online shopping websites increases day by day, so are the online advertisement strategies and promotional techniques. The number of people who uses internet keeps on increasing daily and it has become a vast marketplace to promote products, surely it will be a prime reason to drive any companies growth in the future.

Privacy and Security in IPv6 (14th May, 2013)

Many Internet service providers (ISPs) throughout the world are now in the process of integrating IPv6 into their Internet access products for retail customers and corporate clients. One of the most important features of the IPv6 protocol is its huge address space. IPv6 evoked a new debate between privacy and security.

Managing Supplier Insolvency – Published in International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (June, 2013)

A project that is a critical, constrained and has immovable deadlines the risk management is essential, particularly in the supply chain where supplier insolvency can cause significant delays. Therefore, insolvency management is a key Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategy.

The Process of Mobile Spectrum Allocation and its impact on E- Commerce and M – Commerce (20th May, 2013)

Spectrum being a very scarce natural resource of a country has to be judicially used for the purpose of nation building and the allocation process to telecom operators should be very transparent and ethical. There are various ways of how spectrum can be allocated and there is no best way that can be adopted universally.